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I took these pictures when we recently visited the Omaha Zoo.  It was one day after they had a blizzard.  It was BRRR cold, but worth it to see the polar bears having a ball in the snow.  The tiger really seemed to enjoy it too.  The Meercats were inside in the geodesic dome of the desert habitat.  This is one zoo really worth the effort to visit!



This is one happy guy.  It's one of my favorite close-ups.

The tiger really stands out nicely against the backdrop 
of the snow..



He went about his business and ignored us completely.

The polar bear was showing off a bit.  



He really is magnificent.

The Meercats are hilarious.  They all turned their heads as one to watch my daughter walk by.  Nothing happens without them noticing.



The polar bear's tongue is unbelievably long.

Yes, life is good.




This is to celebrate my first time snorkeling. We went to Australia, and my family didn't think I would do it.

I haven't done a dragon picture in ages, and decided he just had to snorkel and see what I saw.

The "coral" in various areas is actually culled from photos I took underwater and applied to planes. The mask, fins and snorkel were made in Carrara. As dragons are hard to fit with masks, he had to wear nose plugs with it. ;+)

If you'd like to see actual photos from our trip to Australia, click here.  We have photos from our snorkeling trip on the Great Barrier Reef, our hot air balloon ride, a trip to a wildlife sanctuary, our tour of Sydney and many many others I hope you will enjoy.


Free Models

Here are some photos of  indigenous plants from our area.